Saturday, April 11, 2015

Welcome to Comix Addix

I blog because my mother blogs. She's a writer and a photographer and an eccentric old bat, but I wanted to help her learn the interface here at Blogger by using it myself. She wants to get all her great works (and my father's) out here on the web for the world to enjoy.

I have no such aspirations for myself. I am a synthesizer, not a creator. I consume great art and fiction through media of all sorts, but I do not burn with the desire to generate it. I like to mash things up and reflect on the state of our world through the creations of others who are trying to make sense of this existence.

I am not a reality "shipper." I find great beauty in exploring humanity through our imaginations in part because I get mired down in the systemic injustices I cannot rectify in "real" life. I love humanity's potential but find myself antagonized by our seemingly endless capacity to mess up and thereby fail to live up to that potential.

Animated Avengers Movie Gif by Matthew Ferguson
Matthew Ferguson Art

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