Friday, April 17, 2015

LEGO Fixation

LEGO Agent Venom figure
LEGO Agent Venom
I must confess that I find some "cutsie" imagery entertaining. I don't do situational comedies and I like my ultra-realistic comics and TV, but I also enjoy the animated LEGO videogames and movies.

(I have even tried my hand at building some of the MARVEL & DC Comics LEGO Superheroes kits, but these hands of mine no longer like activities that require fine motor skills and coordination.)

Skottie Young's Variant Cover for Daredevil Comic
Skottie Young's Variant Cover
For example, I cannot explain why Skottie Young's "kid" Daredevil cover...

Alexandre Salles' Daredevil from his DeviantArt Page
Alexandre Salles' Daredevil
and Alexandre Salles' "gritty" Daredevil cover both appeal to me, but they do.

I wonder what that says about me...

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