Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Tumblr Addiction...

tumblr logo
tumblr logo
I have a terrible tumblr addiction. I cannot remember when or how I learned of the site, but I spend more time on it by far than any other social media site. I follow numerous comic book artists and writers as well as various fans of all things geek and pretty.

I have discovered many an amateur and professional artist through fans' posts on tumblr. For example, today Jim Madsen's art was on my dash. Here is one of the many pics of his work that I was introduced to today.

Jim Madsen's painting "I.F. Spark"
Jim Madsen's I.F. Spark
Because of that posting on tumblr, I looked him up online and found out that he has a blog at I highly recommend you check out his work. He provides lovely descriptions to explain elements that informed each of his pieces. I found the following story on his blog for this picture.

screen capture of Jim Madsen's blog post for "I.F. Spark"

The mixture of art and story truly is one of my favorite things.

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