Sunday, October 18, 2015

Andy Fairhurst (artist)

I love the combination of kid-size figures with the iconography of classic heroes. Andy Fairhurst, an artist from North Wales, has many more of these pieces on his deviant art page that you can check out here. He also has a set of "geek kids" that is pretty cool, too.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

FALL 1.0

As I languish in the morass of awaiting a disability appeal, I have taken up "gardening" for 20-30 minutes at a stretch on my better days.

My gardening is very hands on as I cannot wield any of the heavy equipment designed for such work. Thus, I mostly pick out weeds and clip hedges with a handheld clipper while sitting on my ass.

(And, yes, I have been mocked by friendly neighbors for working from my ass-down position.)

While slow and arduous, I made progress on the lawn over the summer with my compulsive tidying -- which stemmed from my absolute boredom at watching Sadie Mae stare (with a commitment bordering on the obsessive) at the drainage ports down which shrews and chipmunks made their escape from her tireless pursuit.

Fall, however, has turned my "hobby" into a true meditation on accepting the fruitlessness of my former perfectionism. As quickly as I tidy, the winds and nature undo my fine work and invite me to try again.

The red handles in the lower right
belong to a trash bag full
of the leaves of my labors

This was a groovy meditation to work to when it took three days or so for the leaves to pile up again, but now-- whoa!

I shall illustrate with before and after pictures.

Here's the tidied version of our front entryway after being cleared:

And here's the same entryway a short while later on the very same day:

Mere moments later...

...loads of leaves hiding in the hosta

Sadie Mae, who has lost 3 lbs on the healthier diet at our new abode, waiting at her post for chipmunks to miraculously appear despite her vigilant presence:

The formerly 20-lb sausage that is Sadie Mae