Thursday, August 13, 2015

I Fought the Lawn and the Lawn Won...

Sorry for my absence of late. While my folks are out gallivanting on another photo safari, I have been trying to tackle a little lawn work each day. I don't have the energy for more than 20-30 minutes at a time, so one would think I could stay out of trouble with so little time devoted to the task.

One would be wrong.

A little poison ivy/oak/whatever on my dominant hand was to be expected. Like mosquito bites and chiggers, my flesh seems to invite all manner of itchy stuff to traumatize my over-sensitive skin,

I plan for such things and avoid wiping my brow -- or any other part of my body -- with my hands once I've gotten close to mother nature.

What I didn't anticipate was that using the crook of my elbow to wipe the sweat and bugs off my neck and brow would prove even more problematic.

It seems I had the prototypical poison ivy rash secretly growing on my "safe spot" in the crook of my elbow.

Yes, this was the arm I was using to wipe my brow, my cheeks, the back of my neck... It wasn't red and puffy at the time, I'll have you know.

This is what my hand looks like now:

And this is what the rest of me looks like:

Yes, that rash now goes all the way across my brow, on to the left cheek, and all around my neck, just for good measure.

It has finally stopped manifesting new splotches, but the interwebs tell me it could take 2-3 weeks to abate.

I have been a little socially phobic as a result, mostly because I don't want people to fear contamination from my "plague."

Mother Nature loves me.