Thursday, May 7, 2015


"Introji" Recharging One's Batteries
One of my dearest friends (who knows me all too well) sent me a link to a recent article (30 April 2015) by Jenn Granneman entitled "How to Understand an Introvert {Explained by Introjis}" on Introvert,

Not only does the article describe aspects of my being quite well, it also includes animated gifs of "introjis" that one can use to illustrate these aspects of an introverted nature.

My mother is under the impression that she is an introvert, but when I have tried to explain to her my need for a lot of "alone time," she mistakenly thinks I am depressed which leads me to think that she's really just a shy extrovert rather than a true introvert like me.

I encourage you to check out the article and the site, especially if you, too, are an introvert. Just click on the pic below to get there.
Screen capture of "introjis" from the article "How to Understand an Introvert {Explained by Introjis}"

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