Saturday, May 2, 2015


When the enormity of events overwhelms my capacity to articulate my feelings on those events, I often find myself relying on others to help me express myself. Usually this comes in the form of an amalgam of "news" clippings that I have encountered through various social media.

From the Washington Post...
FB post from the Washington Post regarding "Racism Isn't Over" video

to PBS... citizens on tumblr.

When is it okay to riot?
Image of a Time magazine cover containing an image from a riot with edited text changing "America, 1968" to "America, 2015"
Picture of a protester holding a sign that reads "When It's Okay to Riot in America" with checked boxes for sports and other events but an unchecked box by "When an unarmed Black man is killed by police"

And how should our national media cover the news...?

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