Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Mary Sue: My Source for "News"

The Mary Sue Website Logo
The Mary Sue Website Logo

One of the websites that I visit each day is The Mary Sue. It has evolved over time, as all websites do, but it consistently covers many of my geek interests: SciFi, Comics, Feminism, Movies, TV, yada, yada. I recommend it to all.

Since I brought up the Hugo Awards controversy in a previous post on GRRM (George R.R. Martin), I wanted to share this article from The Mary Sue on the unintended consequences this dust-up has had on two of the nominees for this year's Hugos.

It makes me sad that these authors will never know with confidence that their nominations for these awards were for the quality of their work. I would hate to be "conscripted" into a political "dodge ball" without my knowledge or consent.

"Two Hugo-Nominated Authors..." article with picture of a sleepy puppy with its tongue stuck out
Click the pic to go to Teresa Jusino's article
on The Mary Sue from 16 April 2015

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