Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Banana Peels and Parachutes...

Since moving in with my folks (because all those chronic conditions have rendered me rather useless), my puppy, Sadie Mae, and I have been learning new ways. It turns out that one of Sadie Mae's favorite things to do at our new place is chasing small rodent-like creatures that inhabit our back yard.

The Parachutes (green plant with droopy leaves)
The Parachutes

The Banana Peels (flowering plant)
The Banana Peels
One day, Sadie was staring intently at -- and sniffing around -- an overturned wheelbarrow on our back porch. She was determined and persistent and I couldn't figure out what she wanted. 

jack russell near ladder and upside down wheelbarrow

So, I lifted the barrow and out came flying this little squirrel/chipmunk-like thingie. 

Uncredited Photo of Chipmunk
[not the actual chipmunk, nor my photo of said 
chipmunk(no photo credit given at source)]

Well, ever since that day, Sadie Mae has visited that same wheelbarrow repeatedly. Because this "flying squirrel feat" happened twice, Sadie now thinks I have some magical power to produce a chipmunk out from under that wheelbarrow each time I lift it up.


She chased the first chipmunk-like thingie into a drainage tube at the back of our yard.

jack russell near black drainage tube

This we visit whenever we're not turning over the wheelbarrow on the porch. Several times each trip out, which we do several times each day. SEVERAL times a day, my dog looks like this:

jack russell with head up black drainage tube

She can be so stubborn, I had to move a cut-up, foot-high section of a large fallen tree over to function as a stool that I can sit on while she spends hours with her head up a tube.

tree stump stool

I have started giving cute little names to the plant life we encounter while I wait for her to get her head out of the tube. This, this is what we do for fun.

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